Social Commitment

In this difficult moment for our society, the existing participation and connections between young people online and offline, more and more likely to share their experiences and their feelings on the Net, powers a growing circuit of information and an increasingly strong desire to "disseminate" the fruit of their commitment to civic, social, political, associative and sports as a fundamental value for planning their future, even in these times of uncertainty.
There is a young generation, mine, firmly committed in taking over a good share of innovation of their community, being able to reconcile the real with the virtual dimension of commitment to active participation in the society, at all levels. The network is becoming more and more a space where young generations can express their will to change, innovate and improve society and not an amplification factor of isolation and uncritical or passive individualism.
I, in my personal way, want to give my contribution in improving society also through internet: promoting solidarity with particular regard to protecting children's rights; promoting the preservation and protection of natural heritage and the environment; supporting research and voluntary organizations that give independent and impartial assistance and relief to victims of war and disasters. Join me in this effort to support these and other humanitarian organizations!
Andrea Mitchell D'Arrigo