www.mitchdarrigo.us and new updates online.


Dear friends,

In the effort of maintaining continuous contact with you and anyone who loves the sport of swimming, I always try to keep updated my official website and Facebook page.

With the last updates implemented, the site is now available on www.mitchdarrigo.us, www.mitchdarrigo.com, www.andredarrigo.com and www.mitchdarrigo.com.

The menu also provides a feed to World Swimming News and more than 3.000 links to federations and swim clubs worldwide.

The primary objectives of my official website aim in establishing stronger bonds through constant contact with the growing world of swimming and involving people in promoting fundraising campaigns of solidarity in favor of non-profit organizations, especially the ones focused in protecting children’s rights, supporting research, offering assistance and relief to victims of war and disasters.

Keep in touch and thank you!

Andrea Mitchell

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